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What is ROYALE SOLUTION Keratin Hair Fiber?


     The ROYALE SOLUTION Hair fibers are micro particles of Keratin. What is Keratin? Each strand of human hair is formed by thousands of keratin particles – the main protein of the hair (the highest the keratin content in the hair, the thickest and more volume the hair will have)


     The ROYALE SOLUTION Keratin Hair fiber is replicas of hair particles; of the same size, weight, color and shape. These keratin hair fibers are charged with static and when spread over the scalp they will adhere to the existing hair (even if there is very Little hair left) and will thicken the hair immediately to 100% and it will look as natural as your own hair.


     These particles are 100% natural and will work with the hair that you have already. They will turn your available hair 5 to 20 times thicker (based on the amount of product that you are using). This will result in less visibility of the scalp and the appearance of more abundant and healthy hair.


     Great news: these particles will not dissolve, or stain your skin. They will remain in your hair regardless of sweat, rain or wind; thanks to the use of the Royale Biotin Hair Hold Mist. Royale is a successful product because it is an instantaneous solution for women and men with hair issues.


     It does not have side effects and is compatible with hair transplants or any other hair treatments.


                                                                                                                  By Orlando Hair Revolution

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