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The History of The Hair Fiber


        During thousands of years, the use of natural hair fibers was limited to those available in nature.


     Just a century ago, the first artificial or synthetic fiber was developed. The most ancient types of fibers are considered to be made out of silk or linen (these have been known for over 5,000 years). Silk fibers have been known for over 5,600 years. A Chinese princess discovered these fibers by the name of XI-LING-SHI. The princess was drinking tea in her garden, sitting under a tree. Suddenly, a rare flower bud fell inside her teacup. The rare flower bud shed its fibers when it hit the water. The princess pulled the fine fibers discovering, by chance, what is known as silk thread.


     A Chinese emperor’s wife originally sponsored the beginning of silk culture. The Chinese zealously protected the secrets of its harvesting and further development for over 3,000 years.


     The Royale Solution Hair Fibers are of natural origin and as such they are developed from different plant resins. The vegetable keratin from a plant called Gossypium Herbaceum is used to create these fibers. This plant’s structure is identical to human hair but it carries a negative electro-static charge that, due to the laws of physics, tends to intertwine with human hair. The results are a more natural look of fuller hair while using fewer products.


     Other brands use cotton or cellulose to develop their  Hair fibers. The desired results are not achieved because these fibers tend to discolor, fall of the hair (when sweating), and clog pores and cause skin rashes and irritation. Our Hair fibers are not tinted. Instead they are created with the natural color from the beginning. We invite you to test and compare other Hair fibers against ours. Place the fibers in a container with alcohol for several hours. Our Hair fibers will not lose their color while others will. Consequently, our Hair fibers will help you achieve the best results bringing new life to your hair.


     Our Hair fiber are cut and size is larger than the rest of our competitors (0,3-0,5 mm). This facilitates the intertwining of our Hair fibers with the hair (our hair fibers become invisible when placed on your hair). If the hair fiber is too small, it tends just to fall over the scalp and it has difficulty adhering to hair. Smaller hair fibers also tend to clog pores and don’t allow the hair to breathe (if this happens for prolonged periods of time, the hair tends to fall off) causing scalp irritations.


By Orlando Hair Revolution

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